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On 10/01/2022 23:45, Matthew Wild wrote:
> LuaExpat is still maintained! I released 1.3.0 in 2014 (which is in
> distros), and plan to release 1.4.0 soon™ with a number of changes, many
> from the original maintainer Tomas. It's overall a stable and finished
> library, so things don't move fast. However I and a bunch of active
> projects depend on it heavily. If you have any problems with it, now is
> a good time to report them so they can be included in the release
> (otherwise you may have to wait another decade!). The latest code is
> here:

Very good to know. I was just going off the old Kepler site listing,
didn't know where your newer stuff was (Which is another problem with
the Lua ecosystem: stale links hanging around)

Have to see about getting Expat folded into my build systems.