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Happy to announce a new release of Penlight, a general purpose utility

This release carries a number of updates, most notably the deprecation of
2 modules;

 - ‘pl.text’: the contents of this module has moved into ‘pl.stringx’
 - ‘pl.xml’: to be removed

(The release remains backwards compatible with 1.x versions of Penlight,
the deprecated items will only be removed upon a next major version)

Deprecating the XML module seemed like the right thing to do. A lot of
fixes and improvements to the xml module have been made in this release,
But whilst performing those updates it became clear that specialised 
libraries should be used for parsing XML, and not a general propose
utility library like Penlight, hence the decision.

Other notable changes:
• feat: utils.npairs added. An iterator with a range that honours the n 
  field #387
• feat: array2d.default_range now also takes a spreadsheet range, which 
  means also other functions now take a range. #404
• feat: text.wrap and text.fill have a new parameter to forcefully break 
  words longer than the width given. #400
• feat: utils.enum added to create enums and prevent magic strings #408

As usual installation is easiest using LuaRocks, the source repo is under
the LunarModules organization at Github[1].

This release was possible due to contributions from @NicoAdrian, @kalekje, @nathanrpage97, @Sygmei, Alex Richard (@arichard4), and Thijs Schreijer.

If there are any issues, please let us know.


Penlight Team.