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On 2021-11-25 13:07, Roberto Ierusalimschy wrote:

When 'require' fails, its error message contains the names of all
files it tried to open. If there are no bugs there, these names should
be exactly the ones given to 'fopen':

require 'XX.YY'
stdin:1: module 'XX.YY' not found:
	no field package.preload['XX.YY']
	no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.4/XX/YY.lua'
	no file '/usr/local/share/lua/5.4/XX/YY/init.lua'

Can't you use that to check whether your configuration is correct?

Thanks. I had just got this issue sorted. But I have another. Dynamic loading of C modules causes a segmentation fault after the loaded code has run.


  local path, cpath in package
  print (path, cpath)
  local x = require "riscos"
  print (x.version)

produces this:

rlua:lib.?,?    rlua:solib.?/so,?/so
RiscLua 544VFP-A

Fatal signal received: Segmentation fault

Stack backtrace:

Running thread 0x4920c (Main Thread)
  ( 8d87f34) pc: 560c7e78 lr: 560c8358 sp:  8d87f38  __write_backtrace()
( 8d87fa0) pc: 560c808c lr: 560c9ef0 sp: 8d87fa4 __unixlib_raise_signal()
  ( 8d87fb0) pc: 560c9dd8 lr: 560d5e88 sp:  8d86c84  __h_cback()

  Register dump at 08d87fb4:

    a1:    4c07c a2: 722e6269 a3:     186c a4:        0
    v1:    4c07c v2: 722e6269 v3:    3d3a4 v4:    76588
    v5: 560d5e44 v6:    3cab4 sl:  8d86208 fp:  8d86c9c
    ip:  8d86ca0 sp:  8d86c84 lr: 560d5e88 pc: 560d4dd0
    cpsr: 20000110

  560d4dbc : ..Qã : e3510000 : CMP     R1,#0
  560d4dc0 : .@ á : e1a04000 : MOV     R4,R0
  560d4dc4 : p¨.. : 091ba870 : LDMEQDB R11,{R4-R6,R11,R13,PC}
  560d4dc8 : ...å : e5110004 : LDR     R0,[R1,#-4]
  560d4dcc : .À”å : e594c000 : LDR     R12,[R4,#0]
  560d4dd0 : .0Àã : e3c03003 : BIC     R3,R0,#3
  560d4dd4 : ..Sá : e153000c : CMP     R3,R12
  560d4dd8 : . Aâ : e2412008 : SUB     R2,R1,#8
  560d4ddc : ,..š : 9a00002c : BLS     &560D4E94

  ( 8d86c9c) pc: 560d4db4 lr: 560d5e88 sp:  8d86ca0  free_unlocked()
  ( 8d86cb4) pc: 560d5e50 lr: 56021010 sp:  8d86cb8  __free()
  ( 8d86ce0) pc: 56020e58 lr: 560216a0 sp:  8d86ce4  do_dlclose()
  ( 8d86cf0) pc: 56021690 lr:    32194 sp:  8d86cf4  _dlclose()
  ( 8d86d0c) pc:    32148 lr:    1217c sp:  8d86d10  gctm()
  ( 8d86d40) pc:    11fb8 lr:    12424 sp:  8d86d44  luaD_precall()
  ( 8d86d5c) pc:    123f0 lr:    14384 sp:  8d86d60  luaD_callnoyield()
  ( 8d86d6c) pc:    1436c lr:    11094 sp:  8d86d70  dothecall()
( 8d86e08) pc: 1103c lr: 127f0 sp: 8d86e0c luaD_rawrunprotected()
  ( 8d86e30) pc:    127c4 lr:    14308 sp:  8d86e34  luaD_pcall()
  ( 8d86e68) pc:    141ec lr:    15eec sp:  8d86e6c  GCTM()
( 8d86e88) pc: 15eb0 lr: 1b9b8 sp: 8d86e8c luaC_freeallobjects()
  ( 8d86ea0) pc:    1b98c lr:    1bfe8 sp:  8d86ea4  close_state()
  ( 8d86eb0) pc:    1bfd4 lr:     b178 sp:  8d86eb4  lua_close()
  ( 8d86ed4) pc:     b0e4 lr: 560dec90 sp:  8d86ed8  main()

It did not happen with Lua 5.4.3. Nothing else changed.