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Chris Smith wrote:

> The screenshots look interesting, although I am unable to get it to run on Mac OS 11.6:
> it crashes immediately with EXC_BAD_INSTRUCTION (SIGILL).

Ouch!  Are you using an M1 Mac?  Is the crash happening in the Intel or Silicon code?

> ... I’m currently attempting a build from source to see if that helps.

Let me know if you need any help with that.  Much thanks for any clues you can provide!

> I see that you’re using wxWidgets.  How would you compare and contrast your project to wxLua?

I was never able to build wxLua, so hard to say.  This was a couple of years ago so I forget
what the problem was.  Maybe things have improved since then but I really wanted to
minimize my dependence on wxWidgets.  This probably sounds very strange given that
Glu uses wxWidgets -- plus I've been using it since 2005 on a number of open source
projects (see the links to Golly, Ready and Ag at

There's a lot I like about wxWidgets, but a lot I don't like (especially the bugs and various
platform differences).  Glu is hopefully the last app I write using wxWidgets.  From now
on I hope to use only Lua to write games and other math/science projects that interest me.

Before starting on Glu I also looked at Love2D.  Very impressive, but it had a couple of
annoying bugs and lacked support for native open/save dialogs that were critical to the
kind of apps I wanted to write.