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Glu is a cross-platform GUI for running Lua scripts.  The app includes
a statically embedded Lua interpreter (v 5.4.3) as well as built-in
functions and modules that allow Lua programmers to create everything
from simple 2D graphics to interactive applications.

Glu is free, open source (MIT license) and runs on Windows/Mac/Linux.
Download links and screenshots can be found here:

There are a number of scripts included with Glu:

Breakout.lua - The classic Breakout game (by Chris Rowett).

CrossCards.lua - A board game that combines Scrabble and poker.

Dilemma.lua - A simple maze-based game.

RandomGraphs.lua - For exploring randomly generated graphs.

Rubik'sCube.lua - A Rubik's Cube simulator.
It uses an impressively fast Lua implementation of Kociemba's solving
algorithm written by Tom Rokicki (co-discoverer of God's Number = 20).

SlidingBlocks.lua - For creating and solving sliding-block puzzles.

TrappedKnight.lua - For exploring Trapped Knight sequences.
See this Numberphile video:

Samples.lua -— Creates help window links to these smaller scripts:

bouncing-ball.lua — An example of a simple animation.
buttons.lua — The cplus module supports buttons, sliders, etc.
console.lua — A simple script that opens Glu's console window.
coordinates.lua — Illustrates the canvas coordinates.
dialogs.lua — Glu supports a number of native dialog boxes.
donut.lua — A Lua version of Andy Sloane's rotating ASCII donut.
events.lua — Prints the results of Glu's getevent function.
fonts.lua — Shows all the fonts that are available.
getdir.lua — Prints the paths returned by Glu's getdir function.
icons.lua — Creates a canvas with the Glu app icon at various sizes.
menus.lua — Shows how to create a menu bar and a pop-up menu.
polygons.lua — Draws various polygons using the stroke function.
sounds.lua — Shows how to use Glu's sound function.
squircle.lua — Draws shapes based on the equation for a superellipse.
text-effects.lua — Demonstrates some simple text effects.
transforms.lua — Examples of affine transformations.
your-scripts.lua — Creates clickable links to all your scripts.

Andrew (on behalf of the Glu Group)