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Hi Ruki,
I tried to answer to your post on last Thursday, but somehow unfortunately my account is somehow mixed up I think... . I am do not really understand this mailing list or how I can reply here in a nice way... .

(Now I tried with Email to ... this Email is not given anywhere on the Lua mailing list description page, but last time this has somehow worked... I hope it does not create a new post now but somehow recognizes that this is meaht as reply to your post...)

Here my answer:
sorry that I am a lazy reader and did not really have the time to look at
this github descriptions in detail. I just looked at the pictures... .

But what I miss there, would be some "standard windows message window", or some "standard android message window". If this LTUI runs under Windows - are the "standard Windows" UI elements used / supported, or not? (for my plans/ thinkings it would be important that the standard Windows UI elements are used in Windows, and the standard Android UI elements should be used in Android...).