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hi, LTUI is only a console terminal ui library. It uses libcurses to draw ui components, so it does not distinguish whether it is an android or windows ui element.

On any platform, all ui elements are the same. Because they are all displayed in the terminal.


Flyer31 Test <> 于2021年4月19日周一 下午9:34写道:
Hi Ruki,
I tried to answer to your post on last Thursday, but somehow unfortunately my account is somehow mixed up I think... . I am do not really understand this mailing list or how I can reply here in a nice way... .

(Now I tried with Email to ... this Email is not given anywhere on the Lua mailing list description page, but last time this has somehow worked... I hope it does not create a new post now but somehow recognizes that this is meaht as reply to your post...)

Here my answer:
sorry that I am a lazy reader and did not really have the time to look at
this github descriptions in detail. I just looked at the pictures... .

But what I miss there, would be some "standard windows message window", or some "standard android message window". If this LTUI runs under Windows - are the "standard Windows" UI elements used / supported, or not? (for my plans/ thinkings it would be important that the standard Windows UI elements are used in Windows, and the standard Android UI elements should be used in Android...).


Ruki Wang