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Dear all (though here I do think I should not reply to the whole list, but an earlier respondent told me that I should, so . .)

    I thank respondents Jeff Pohlmeyer and Marco Ricci.

    Marco Ricci suggested that what I am after is difficult to achieve and that probably I should stick to invoking the Linux utility 'pidof'.

    Jeff Pohlmeyer thought that he had a way that I could achieve my goal in pure lua. Yet, I can't get his code to work. (Here I should mention that my lua skills are poor. I have learnt only enough lua to implement some system monitoring stuff in it, for Linux - as in the present case - and for Windows.) I get the error

   bad argument #2 to 'glob' (no more than 1 argument expected, got 2)

and when I give the function in question a sole argument the function seems not to detect as running a process that _is_ running. Perhaps I should take Jeff Pohlmeyer's advice after all!