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Dear all

I have had a couple of replies and one of my respondents - when I emailed him directly - suggested that I should respond to replies on list. (I am new to this list. One of the few lists that I used before wanted replies off-list.)

So . .

Another person suggested that I somehow query Linux's /proc filesystem. The idea was: that is what pidof does. Well, I know how to do elementary file-handing in lua, but what do I seek in /proc? Surely there's an easier way for me to tell whether a process is running than by determining how pidof works and reimplementing its C code, myself, in lua. (Please note also that, as I said in my first email, I do not want to call pidof _from_ lua. That is what my code does already, and it works, but so doing uses too many resources for my use-case.)

One respondent suggested that I could 'try sending signal 0 to the process using the kill(2) system call'. OK; but how do I do that in lua? I see (from this documentation) that the luaposix module has a 'kill' command. So, so long as I can get an informative number back from that call, it should work. I will try it.