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>>>>> "Ranier" == Ranier Vilela <> writes:

 Ranier> Best Lua result (5.4.2 last git):
 Ranier> Averange: 0.054667
 Ranier> Three 0.051000

 Ranier> Best Lua result (patched):
 Ranier> Averange: 0.053500
 Ranier> Five 0.051000

So here's a thing about performance differences: you can get speedups or
slowdowns of well over 10% simply by changing the size of a function
that's never called within your benchmark.

Running a benchmark dozens of times using the same binary to take an
average doesn't help. To determine whether some specific change actually
speeds things up, you need to test whether that speedup is itself
preserved if you make irrelevant changes.