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Well, I would say 
1) “reported by” + reporter’s name and 
2) a link to the public mailing-list item containing reporter’s email address
sufficiently represents the information you  have asked for.

>  reported by Yongheng Chen on 06 Jul 2020. fixed in 5.4.1.

Sure, I’ll even correct myself. I was wrong with saying it is “ex actly” what you asked for: “contributed by XXXX <email>“. :P

All I want to say is, there already exists what you ask for. 
Simply submit a bug and/or a patch, which others also view them as such.


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On Dec 11, 2020, at 22:01, Ranier Vilela <> wrote:

Em sex., 11 de dez. de 2020 às 09:08, Byunghoon Kim <> escreveu:

I believe “lua team” publicly recognizes anyone who submits a bug and a patch or solution. Isn’t this exactly what you are asking for?
Please show one of my own and where is it?

Ranier Vilela