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Em qui., 10 de dez. de 2020 às 16:31, Spar <> escreveu:
First, I would like polite and constructive criticism for the rejected cases.
  They were given to you in the previous thread.
Sorry, but "completely wrong" and "it is very pretentious of you", not uneducated.

Second, more importantly, that the name and email of any and all who contribute to Lua be published in the commit. 
1.9 – Do you accept patches?
We encourage discussions based on tested code solutions for problems and enhancements, but we never incorporate third-party code verbatim. We always try to understand the issue and the proposed solution and then, if we choose to address the issue, we provide our own code. All code in Lua is written by us. See also the previous question. 
I didn't ask to apply the patch directly, that's not the point.
I understand that they will analyze and only apply what is best.
But contributed by XXXX <email> is not asking for much.

Ranier Vilela