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Op vrijdag 7 augustus 2020 14:11:02 CEST schreef Marc Balmer:
> Attached is my approach (in Lua land, everyone creates his own batteries...)

Your solution is much simpler than I've made with dogfood but luacc has less features . ;-)

Yes, there are many others.
I like the srlua concept and after studying it, I got the idea for dogfood and decided to make it.

> Requires a C compiler.  Tested on macOS only....

Once dogfood is build, it doesn't require a compiler to build self contained Lua executables which is an advantage on platforms such as Windows.

On Github I found multiple projects, like luastatic, that build Lua executables in more or less the same way als luacc, by outputting C code that has to be compiled to have a self contained Lua executable.
The resulting executable will launch faster by avoiding opening itself as a file and reading/seeking for the Lua parts as dogfood and srlua do.
But on the other hand, when speed is really needed, Lua wouldn't probably be the right choice.

Dogfood was tested on Windows and Linux (Manjaro), but not on macOS. :-)

-- Jasper