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> >>>>> "Yongheng" == Yongheng Chen <> writes:
>  Yongheng> The original POC that can crash a default build lua ( just
>  Yongheng> run make on Linux) is:
>  Yongheng> function errfunc() end function test()
>  Yongheng>     xpcall(test, coroutine.wrap(function() print(xpcall(test, errfunc)) end))
>  Yongheng>         end coroutine.wrap(function() print(xpcall(test, errfunc)) end)()
> So surely this, in lua_resume, can't possibly be right:
>         L->nCcalls = getCcalls(from) + from->nci - L->nci - CSTACKCF;
> We get here when the stack overflow error trips the first time and we
> try and resume the wrapped coroutine which is supplied as the error
> handling function. getCcalls(from) is correctly below CSTACKMARK, since
> we're in stack error handling, but from->nci is large (~1900) reflecting
> the large number of active stack frames. I get that _unused_ CallInfos
> are already accounted for in getCcalls (so that it need only be checked
> when new CallInfos are allocated), but here its adding a number
> reflecting the _used_ CallInfos, which is surely wrong. (L->nci is 0
> because the coroutine has no CallInfos yet.)

You are right (as usual :-). (A small detail: I think it is not adding
the number of used CallInfos, but the total number of CallInfos, used
plus unused.) A conservative fix would be not to add anything to

-- Roberto