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Oh, I just need to run it in the lua shell.


I just tested it. After I set the stack limit, lua won’t crash.




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From: Roberto Ierusalimschy
Sent: Monday, July 6, 2020 10:51 AM
To: Lua mailing list
Subject: Re: Stack overflow in luaO_pushvfstring


>    This is tested on Ubuntu16.04. I built it with –fsanitize=address.


>    I didn’t see any instruction on how to add `debug.setcstacklimit`. It

>    seems that it is already set in luaconf.h.


I am pretty sure you also didn't see any instruction about adding the

option -fsanitize=address to compile Lua. With this option, the code

consumes more stack than usual, and therefore the stack limit must be

adapted accordingly.


If you prefer, you can do that in luaconf.h, too. I suggested

debug.setcstacklimit as a quick fix without the need to recompile Lua.


-- Roberto