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Hi all,

As promised last week, this is your warning that the email backend
migration work will be carried out today.  I expect that we'll start
around 15:00 UTC (16:00 UK time) and that total migration time will be
somewhere in the region of two to four hours.

If I'm super-lucky then things will be up and running much more quickly
than that, but we are taking the time to do this carefully to reduce
the chance that anything will go wrong and cause email loss.

What you can expect at the start:

Incoming and outgoing email will stop at around 15:00 UTC -- This includes
mailing lists such as this one.

We'll also take down the listmaster web interface at this time.

What you can expect when we're done:

Mailing lists will be back, but they'll have a shiny new UI and may take a
little getting used to.

Again, I do not expect that we'll have any major hiccoughs, and I'll see
you all on the other side.

Thanks for bearing with us,


Daniel Silverstone               
PGP mail accepted and encouraged.            Key Id: 3CCE BABE 206C 3B69