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Hi list,

ok, so Lua is a geek language with geek batteries, right? This means
that it should be easy to download and unpack the full source of any
given rock, right?...

I'm on Debian, and the version of the luarocks that comes with Debian
is 2.4.2 - see:

There are some rocks that that version can't install. Just to cite an
obvious example, I tried to ask the luarocks from Debian to install
the most recent version of luarocks - some package managers are able
to do this - by doing:

  luarocks --local install luarocks

and I got these error messages:

  Error: Rockspec format 3.0 is not supported, please upgrade LuaRocks.

So I tried to install a recent version of luarocks from the git repo.
Here's what I did:

  sudo apt-get remove luarocks

  # Clean all the stuff from previous uses of luarocks
  rm -Rfv ~/.cache/luarocks/
  rm -Rfv ~/.luarocks/

  cd      ~/usrc/
  git clone
  cd      ~/usrc/luarocks/

  # Choose a version
  git branch --list -a
  git checkout 3.2.1
  git reset

  sudo make install

  which luarocks
  luarocks --version

  rm -Rv /tmp/rock/
  mkdir  /tmp/rock/
  cd     /tmp/rock/
  luarocks unpack stacktraceplus
  # Output:
  # "Error: Failed copying unpacked rockspec into unpacked source directory."

I got the same error on several rocks. What I am doing wrong?
"luarocks unpack" is not well documented, so I am mostly guessing that
it is the right thing for downloading rock sources...

  Thanks in advance,
    Eduardo Ochs