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I'm finishing a new app based on Lua 5.4.0 beta (5000 Lua SLOC, 20 sources files, one Lua context and 4 Lua threads), and I haven't encountered any problems :-)

I had to look in some old sources to know how to define the following functions (I couldn't find any documentation about that):

extern void _cdecl PRINT(const char *format, ...); // dans Tracer.cpp

/* print a string */
#if !defined(lua_writestring)
#define lua_writestring(s,l)   PRINT(s)

/* print a newline and flush the output */
#if !defined(lua_writeline)
#define lua_writeline()        PRINT("\n")

/* print an error message */
#if !defined(lua_writestringerror)
#define lua_writestringerror(s,p) PRINT((s),(p))

Good wishes for the new year !