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Hi all,
we would like to host the Lua Workshop this year in Freiburg (South West
Germany, near the airports of Basel, Karlsruhe, Strasbourg, Stuttgart,
hourly high speed train link to the hub airports of Frankfurt and Zurich
with 2 hour drive time). 

I myself regularly visit yearly workshops in semiconductor physics in
Germany with 50-100 attendees, and these are organized like this, that the
workshop typically would start Thursday 13h00 and end Friday 13h00, and a
nice nonformal but prepaid dinner event is included. From many European
cities it thus should be possible to limit the travel time to Thursday
morning and Friday afternoon, so the workshop can be attended quite easily
as a "2 nice days out of work" event (and people who want it more relaxed,
could also add the weekend in Freiburg region, which is a very nice place,
under the larger cities of Germany Freiburg is know to have most sunshine,
warmest temperatures and most flowers).

If you agree, we would consider some date in autumn, e. g. September, for
for the workhsop (as it had been done in past workshops). I would have the
support of a local university near Freiburg in organizing the workshop, and
we all would be honoured very much to organize a nice come-together event
for the lua community.

Just I am very much used, that such workshops would require some
registration fee from the attendees, to allow nice planning for the coffee
breaks and the evening dinner event. Further we would book some professional
smaller meeting hall near the pedestrian inner city of Freiburg and near the
Freiburg railway station (so that it will be easily and fast reached by foot
/ by easy public transport by Freiburg tram system).

For such semiconductor workshops, the fee for company attendees typically
would be 90 EUR "early bird", and 120 EUR for "late registration" (+19% VAT
tax for all "non-company attendees" and for all German attendees). Would
this be accepted by the community? As the previous workshops always had been
free of cost, we would like to clarify / discuss this openly before we
officially would start the planning. This fee then would include the
workshop attendance including coffee breaks and dinner event, the travel and
the hotel would need to be paid by the attendees themselves.

We possibly would like to organize some small industry exhibit (typically
for 5-10 interested companies, just small booths with a small table and 2
chairs each) and we hope to find some additional industry sponsors for
coffee breaks and dinner event, to gain some further money.

Our organizing work of course we will do free of cost, and we would
summarize all clearly in some Spreadsheet file which wil would also show to
future organizers and to PUC Rio people for checking. We hope, that we might
create a small surplus for the workshop, and this then we would either
donate to, or keep "as reserve" for possible future workshop
deficits, or use to sponsor "long travel presentation attendees" for their
travel costs, mainly maybe the attendees from PUC Rio - we are open to any
further proposals... .

We would expect an attendee number in the range 50-100 as before (and we
would book the workshop location thus, that in worst case 200 people could
attend). In Freiburg you should calculate with hotel costs of 80 EUR or more
for 1 night (there are also lower charge possibilities, e. g. Freiburg has
nice youth hostel with prices in the range 20-30 EUR, and also a nice "city
camping site"). For people arriving already on Wednesday evening, we might
organize some nice Thursday morning 2-3 hours Black forest hiking event
(this then free of cost of course - Freiburg city is in direct hiking
vincinity to the start of the Black forest nature area, this makes the city
a very nice place). 

Would this sound fine / a good idea for the community?

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