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Hi Phillipe,
please excuse very much, of course I will redraw my "crazy"... 

I used it in a very lousy way, please excuse. It is just really - let's say
- "very complicated" seen from my point of view to switch the writing
direction for standard text and for numbers... . I think therefore writing
code in such languages is complicated.

Many languages have such complicated stuff concerning numbers in spoken
language (typical European languages have this strange switch betwen
"little-endian" speaking for small numbers (English e. g. for 13...20), and
then switching to "big-endian" speaking for large numbers... Chinese in this
concern is perfect - in Chinese Mandarin the numbers are spoken in a
completely regular way..).

... just I think lua definitely has the potential to be used for programming
by "very end users", who do this very seldom... and I think that especially
in China it would be very nice for those if they are allowed to use Chinese
names for variables.

E. g. if somebody wants to add some specific "home operating functinoality"
to an IoT system, it would be very nice for him, if he is allowed to write
the room names in his native writing, and also possibly the variables which
classify such room names... .

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