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On 28/4/19 23:39, Srinivas Murthy wrote:
I need to use this for a real-time event sampling use-case. does seem interesting but the cautionary note that its "very alpha quality and not tested ..." is worrisome.

I already considered removing that disclaimer. I should remove it. I will. Any moment now :\

Is there any other libs that you could recommend?

When I needed a plain state machine I just rolled my own following one of two patterns, the one from and the "functional" one  (you can see an example of such machine parsing a protocol here: In these cases writing the machine felt pretty natural in the code itself, and I did not feel the need to use an abstracted library.

When the SM is more complex a library makes sense. We tried to use rFSM (, but run out of memory, and there seemed to be too much complexity in there. I just wrote a implementation based on its API. This is not the first time this happens to me, find a library with an API I want to use, find the implementation too complex or with lots of stuff I don't need, and then write my own library from scratch inspired by that. I suspect that means that the API is actually the hardest part of the library design.