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Hello list,

I'm happy to announce version 3.1.0 of LuaRocks, the Lua package
manager. You can find all links at — source
packages for all supported platforms and binaries for Windows and
Linux x86-64 are

LuaRocks 3.1.0 brings fixes and a bunch of new goodies. One of the
goals of this release was to make a single LuaRocks installation more
comfortable to use with multiple Lua versions. Here's a few

## More powerful `luarocks config`

The `luarocks config` command used to only list the current
configuration. It is now able to query and also _set_ individual
values, like `git config`. You can now do things such as:

   luarocks config variables.OPENSSL_DIR /usr/local/openssl
   luarocks config lua_dir /usr/local
   luarocks config lua_version 5.3

and it will rewrite your luarocks configuration to store that value
for later reuse. Note that setting `lua_version` will make that Lua
version the default for `luarocks` invocations (you can always
override on a per-call basis with `--lua-version`.

You can specify the scope where you will apply the configuration
change: system-wide, to the user's home config (with --local), or
specifically to a project, if you run the command from within a
project directory initialized with `luarocks init`.

## New `--global` flag

Some users prefer that LuaRocks default to system-wide installations,
some users prefer to install everything to their home directory. The
`local_by_default` configuration file controls this preference: when
it is off, the `--local` file triggers user-specific. Before 3.1.0
there was no convenient way to trigger system-wide installations when
`local_by_default` was set to true. LuaRocks 3.1.0 adds a `--global`
flag to this purpose. To enable local-by-default, you can now do:

   luarocks config local_by_default true

## `luarocks make` can deal with patches

A rockspec can include embedded patch files, which are applied when a
source rock is built. Now, when you run `luarocks make` on a source
tree unpacked with `luarocks unpack`, the patches will be applied as
well (and a hidden lockfile is created to avoid the patches to be
re-applied incorrectly).

## Smarter defaults when working with projects

When working on a project initialized with `luarocks init`, the
presence of a ./.luarocks/config-5.x.lua file will be enough to detect
the project-based workflow and have `luarocks` default to that 5.x
version. That means the `./luarocks` wrapper becomes less necessary;
the `luarocks` from your $PATH will deal with the project just fine,

## And more!

There are also other improvements. LuaRocks uses the manifest cache a
bit more aggressively, resulting in increased performance. Also, it no
longer complains with a warning message if the home cache cannot be
created (it just uses a temporary dir instead). And of course, the
release includes multiple bugfixes.

And here's a list of all contributors who added commits to this
release: George Roman, FYP, Oliver Vartiainen, Tomás Guisasola,
Antonin Décimo, Simone Livieri, Luke Gorrie, Jacek Jaszczuk, Leo P,
Hisham Muhammad.


-- Hisham