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> On Dec 1, 2018, at 10:23 AM, Phil Leblanc <> wrote:
> Looking at posts in the Lua mailing list in the last few weeks, it
> seems that they belong to  two quite distinct clusters, so I think it
> might be time to split this list in two.
> The first mailing list would be "Lua list as usual", containing a mix
> of announcements, "how to do x?", "is x a bug?", "any Lua library to
> do x?", "how to build Lua on x", etc.
> The second mailing list would be "Lua Concepts Explanation and
> Formalization". It would be dedicated to these long educational and/or
> brainstorming threads.
> The split would allow the mundane stuff, still interesting for a few
> participants, not to be drowned in those higher level threads.
> Conversely, It would open a space entirely dedicated to powerful
> thinking, without the pollution of lesser matters.
> Of course, for this to work, we should all avoid Explaining and
> Formalizing in the first list, but rather do it in the second list.
> What do you think?
> (slightly-tongue-in-cheek-ly) yours,
> Phil

Good idea on paper, and I’ve seen it tried before. All that happens is ppl post the same message to BOTH lists and chaos ensues :(