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Looking at posts in the Lua mailing list in the last few weeks, it
seems that they belong to  two quite distinct clusters, so I think it
might be time to split this list in two.

The first mailing list would be "Lua list as usual", containing a mix
of announcements, "how to do x?", "is x a bug?", "any Lua library to
do x?", "how to build Lua on x", etc.

The second mailing list would be "Lua Concepts Explanation and
Formalization". It would be dedicated to these long educational and/or
brainstorming threads.

The split would allow the mundane stuff, still interesting for a few
participants, not to be drowned in those higher level threads.
Conversely, It would open a space entirely dedicated to powerful
thinking, without the pollution of lesser matters.

Of course, for this to work, we should all avoid Explaining and
Formalizing in the first list, but rather do it in the second list.

What do you think?

(slightly-tongue-in-cheek-ly) yours,