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On 24 July 2018 at 11:29, <> wrote:
> hi all! :)
> actually and sadly this is why ive never used luarocks, and built my
> own stuff for handling installations and versions, cuz much stuffs are
> outdated. :/ another reason is that i wanna own the sauce code for any
> need of modifications...

With LuaRocks 3 you can keep your own modified/updated versions of any
package under your own user's namespace (e.g instead of `luarocks
install foo` you can do `luarocks install szbnwer/foo`).

> for example luarocks have a 4yrs old tekui, and the latest is 19months old...
> how the packages are currently updated in luarocks? everything is
> manually made by the authors?

Yes, the same way it is on PyPI for Python, npm for Node.js, RubyGems
for Ruby, etc etc etc.

Sometimes Lua users other than the original authors upload other
people's packages to make them available through LuaRocks when the
original authors don't. Those are usually one-off efforts, though,
which often result in outdated packages after a while. That is why it
is ideal that the original authors themselves include publishing to as part of their release process, like it happens on
other language communities!

Updating a rockspec is easy. Often it can even be done mechanically:

luarocks new_version foo-1.0-1.rockspec 1.1
luarocks upload foo-1.1-1.rockspec

If you are the author of a package that's outdated on LuaRocks under
some other username, you can contact the admins (post an
issue at or even
email me) and we can transfer your rocks to your own

> i hope i could say anything that is not already
> considered/done/whatever, and all the bests for every1 around! :)

We have considered some of those options (some of them would take
considerable work to implement!), but in the end the only way for the
LuaRocks community can really scale is if each package author do their
small part by pushing their packages to the repo. We try to make it as
effortless as possible. It is quite possible today to automate the
upload of packages into an author's CI/CD workflow so there's no
reason to keep outdated packages around! :)

Cheers, and hope you give LuaRocks a try!

-- Hisham