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hi all! :)

actually and sadly this is why ive never used luarocks, and built my
own stuff for handling installations and versions, cuz much stuffs are
outdated. :/ another reason is that i wanna own the sauce code for any
need of modifications...

for example luarocks have a 4yrs old tekui, and the latest is 19months old...

how the packages are currently updated in luarocks? everything is
manually made by the authors?

here comes some suggestions without enough knowledge about lr, so
sorry if im saying bullsh!t :D

so i think it would be nice to address repos and whatever where its
possible, detect available versions, and give build scripts and/or
build them on the luarocks backend... (sure, windows could be a harder
nut, but a vm with a windows based server can resolve that as well
even on the same server.) if anything is only available on a random
n'th website, then its still possible to manually update those, and
even there could be custom accessors for those if anyone make them, or
provide standard ways to make them accessible, like via ftp or a
txt/json list with version+address pairs, so nothing hardcore...
however git, mercurial, svn and whatever can be easily handled

(i think i will do my homework and read a bit about luarocks now :D )

i hope i could say anything that is not already
considered/done/whatever, and all the bests for every1 around! :)