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I made a real-time chat on telegram for people that want to organise things quickly and take some of this chat out of the mailing list: 

Is that useful? Do you use telegram?

Etiene Dalcol <> schrieb am Di., 24. Juli 2018, 11:51:

Why would it not? Why do you all make this sound like we are going
to the jungle? We already made several Lua workshops in cities/towns
without major airports with international routes (Frick, Venlo,
Reston). I don't think anyone had trouble flying to a near major airport
and getting a train/bus/whatever to the venue.

I will go through Vilnius too. If anyone is interested, we can organize
to go together on Wednesday to Kaunas. Then, we will be safer if a pride
of lions attacks us...

Fair enough hahaha, I meant I hope it all works out with the organization of the venue since it changed, not with my trip, I'm not too worried about that  :)
I arrive Tuesday in the middle of the night and I'm sleeping on the vilnius airport hotel. I'm down for a day visit of Vilnius then going together to Kaunas on wednesday.

Etiene Dalcol

Software Engineer and NLP Researcher
Lua Space