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> Any ideas?

Or you can try to talk with fbsd readline and ncurses maintainers.

For example, ncurses-6 (well, actually, even 5.9) can be built with "tinfo" as 
a separate library.
So, and readline can be linked against `tinfo`, and not against whole curses 

/usr/bin/lua5.3 (interpreter => /lib64/ => /lib64/ => /lib64/ => /lib64/ => /lib64/ => /lib64/

Although, here, on Gentoo, maintainers just patches readline to not use
`-lncurses`, but use `pkg-config ncurses --libs` instead (i.e. it's not native 

And also, Gentoo forces '-Wl,--as-needed' in LDFLAGS, so `-lncurses` goes off 
from linked library (since it's not used for anything), so it's only `-ltinfo` 
stays in place.

So, you can talk with fbsd readline port maintainers to do the same, and also 
with ncurses port maintainers to provide "separated tinfo" build option.