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Also a great source of information are Bruce Dawsons Articles

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> von Dirk Laurie
> Gesendet: Donnerstag, 7. Juni 2018 08:44
> An: Lua mailing list <>
> Betreff: A book on floating-point
> In view of the recurrent posts on floating-point issues, I pass on an
> announcement from this week's NA Digest:
> 2nd edition of "Handbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic" (Birkhauser, 2018),
> Authors: Muller, Brunie, de Dinechin, Jeannerod, Joldes, Lefevre,
> Melquiond, Revol, and Torres.
> Table of contents: Definitions and Basic Notions; Floating-Point Formats and
> Environments; Basic Properties and Algorithms; Enhanced Floating-Point
> Sums, Dot Products, and Polynomial Values; LLanguages and Compilers;
> Algorithms for the Basic Operations; Hardware Implementation of Floating-
> Point Arithmetic; Software Implementation of Floating-Point Arithmetic;
> Evaluating Floating-Point Elementary Functions; Complex Numbers; Interval
> Arithmetic; Verifying Floating-Point Algorithms; Extending the Precision.
> Birkhauser/Springer site for the 2nd edition:
> Disclaimer: I have not actually seen this book, not even the first edition.