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Do the workers directly connect to a client(likely a browser)?
This is what I inferred from the diagram. If not, how is it different from
GearMan or RabbitMQ?

How about using something like gRPC so that we can readily use it with any

On Thu, May 10, 2018 at 8:16 AM Pavel Kraynyukhov <> wrote:

> Hello everyone!

> I'm pleased to announce new and rapidly developing open source project

> LAppS  is very scalable and easy to configure application server for easy
reactive web programming. The main communication protocol of the LAppS is
the WebSockets. All Lua applications running under LAppS are not blocking
IO operations. There are several type of applications and some API for
them, which you could read about on projects wiki

> I'm developing this server alone and I need help. LAppS reached the level
at which one person could not do everything. LAppS requires third party
code-reviews, quality assurance and most of all community input on further

> I like Lua and I really regret that Lua is so secluded, when it have the
power to be most popular programming language for back-ends in internet.

> Im dedicated to further my work on this project until it reaches
production grade and beyond.

> Please contact me in case you have any questions about LAppS, it's
possible applications and ideas for the further development.

> With best regards,
> Pavel.