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On 21 April 2018 at 22:21, Sean Conner <> wrote:
>   All are available via LuaRocks [2].

> [2]     Except there is no LuaRocks for "org.conman.parsers.url".  I'm not
>         sure if you can have a LuaRocks made up of *just* dependencies and
>         no actual code.  I don't want to push things.

In the current version, you should be able to create a rockspec of
type "builtin" with an empty modules table with no problems. The only
issue in the current release is that you'll need to give it a dummy
URL. This works:

package = "no_modules"
version = "1.0-1"
source = {
   -- any valid URL
   url = "";,
   -- fool luarocks into thinking the URL is valid
   file = "hello.lua",
build = {
   type = "builtin",
   modules = {},

In a future LuaRocks release we'll make the source.url field optional
when sensible to do so.

-- Hisham