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It was thus said that the Great Glenn Travis once stated:
> No Sir, nothing like that.  I have run afoul of the permissions error
> before so I understand what you are saying.  They were just not there, and
> when I do see them, I know that I have to go the sudo route.

  Interesting.  I have two Macs I use (one personal, one for work).  On my
personal one, "/usr/local" is owned by root, so I would get an error trying
to install Lua.  On the work Mac, however, "/usr/local" is owned by me
(except for "/usr/local/man" for some reason).  The only thing I can think
of is that I have used homebrew on the work Mac, but not on my personal Mac
(I really don't do development on the home Mac).

  But I suspect that "/usr/local" is owned by you (the non-root account you