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On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 10:20 AM, Andrew Gierth
<> wrote:
>>>>>> "Russell" == Russell Haley <> writes:
>  Russell> I wanted to use Lua to *simply* things, not manage a stack. I
>  Russell> have to say Lua integration has been a bit of a heart breaker.
>  Russell> After the PhDs presentation, I'm now wondering about ditching
>  Russell> the C API all together and re-writing .Net integration using
>  Russell> Sol2 instead. Ah, dreams...
> So how is Sol2 dealing with the longjmp issue?

I have no way to answer that. ThePhD would be a better person to ask.
The presentation is here:

and that's the extent of what I know. I'll be trying to get it running
in my "Hello world" qt app tonight.