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>>>>> "Soni" == Soni \"They/Them\" L <> writes:

 Soni> It was recently brought to my attention that the Lua C API is
 Soni> strictly a C API, and not as universal as some ppl claim it to
 Soni> be.[1]
 Soni> [1]:

This issue isn't really about C vs non-C, it's about longjmp
compatibility with the surrounding environment, which can be an issue
even with pure C code. (In embedding Lua in Postgres, which is a pure C
project, I also have this problem since Postgres has its _own_
setjmp/longjmp exception system, and hilarity ensues if you throw lua
errors across pg catch blocks or pg errors across Lua catch blocks.)

Like it or not, longjmp is part of standard C.