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Hi Steven,

On 6 February 2018 at 20:06, Steven Johnson <> wrote:
> I did the changes discussed in the pull request there, though I didn't come
> away with any great insights as it was all rather mechanical. It
> sounds like you might already be building on that though, unless your
> comments about tests just come from reading through some of the
> discussion?

Unfortunately I didn't look into the pull request or the discussion -
so I was reporting my own findings. But I will look into the changes
you mention now that I am aware of it.

> I seem to recall the C namespace just getting absorbed into another one
> rather than being outright missing. This sounds like it might be a
> simple problem (wrong table index? maybe an off-by-one caused by some
> platform defines?) but I ended up getting distracted before looking
> into it.

I thought it might be that it isn't loading the right DLL. LuaJIT
appears to do it differently - it loads the MS C runtime by looking
for the library that contains a symbol - this seems like a good
approach to me.