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I have been trying to build luaffifb
( project using MSVC and
faced some issues. It seems that support for MSVC has fallen by the
wayside. Note also that the project is now archived :-(

My attempt is here:

This will be part of Ravi Distro project.

I updated dynasm to the latest version. And I am using CMake, but I
have not yet tried building on Linux or Mac OSX.

The tests don't pass yet as the code that looks up DLLs for C standard
library does not seem to work.

If anyone has tried building luaffifb on Windows using MSVC then would
love to hear from you. I know that the original luaffi project is
included in LuaDist.

BTW I wanted to understand best practices for naming of shared
libraries in Lua - if there is a good set of standards one should
follow then please point me to them.