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Roland <> wrote:

> Such an interesting topic, and I am eager to see what kind of
> features/suggestions would pop up.
> I would like to make a suggestion however. In order to keep track of all the
> suggestions and have anyone expand on every single idea (with possible
> implementations, discuss the features themselves, etc), why not turn this
> thread into a github project ? As such, every feature proposal become an
> issue ticket. People would discuss with comments and suggest how the feature
> could be implemented.

I suppose if the discussion becomes really in-depth that could work. I don't
know if we're going to go that deep in discussing implementation details and
the like though? I was just aiming for a casual discussion about the features
people have wanted to see in Lua over the years that have not manifested.

As the list itself isn't terribly busy I thought a discussion about the
desired features in Lua could keep us all talking for a bit... but if the
subject drifts too off-topic, or too much into implementation details then
your idea is something that would be helpful.

Also, discussing on the list means everything is archived on the various
archives for the mailing list, whereas discussions on GitHub would not be.