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On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 2:11 PM, Russell Haley <> wrote:
> Sorry for the top post,
> Apologies, Roberto, you have said that before and in my excitement I had forgotten. ‎That, or being Catholic myself I have learned it is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission. (just kidding, I totally forgot)
> All jokes aside, I am now soliciting name suggestions as Drop-N-Go Lua sounds tacky and that's the only other thing I can come up with.
> :D
> Russ

Bog-standard Lua. Nope, but the acronym makes me giggle.

"No Compiler Lua"? NC-Lua? hmmmm....

Lua Without Compilers? Push Button Lua? Complete Off the Shelf Lua (COTS Lua).

I like Push Button Lua.

Thoughts anyone? Unfortunately I know only one spoken language and
don't read enough literature. I'm amenable to historic references or
fables from any culture.


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> From: Roberto Ierusalimschy
> Sent: Thursday, January 18, 2018 12:42 PM
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> Subject: Re: [ANN]
>> Side note: the Pope might have issues with the project name (PUC being
>> the Pontifical Catholic University, you know — several universities in
>> Brazil and other countries carry that name).
> We (the Lua team, not the Pope) certainly have issues with this name.
> Although we do not like, several people use the term "PUC Lua" to refer
> to our distribution (as opposed to, say, LuaJIT). And the problem with
> the University is quite real, too. Please do not use PUC in your project
> name.
> -- Roberto