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On 13 January 2018 at 07:34, Russell Haley <> wrote:
Would it perhaps be worth while putting all released versions of Lua
on the Github site as labeled branches? While a tarball is fine, the
way of the world right now is to grab everything from Github.

The github worldview is repo-centric.
What you get in a lua tarball is an amalgam of multiple repositories: lua, luac and the manual (as well as things that are not tracked in repositories).
If other
labeled version were available, it then becomes obvious that head is

Do note that the repositories *do* have tags for the code that went into particular lua releases.
As with most software: grabbing whatever is on master on a given day is going to be an unstable+unsupported time.
As a cautionary exercise, the head revision could have a
different readme warning "Thar be dragons here and you're on your

Git doesn't work like this: if something is in the HEAD revision people will clone it and work from there, but then pushing more commits (and a new fake-HEAD on top) will give all sorts of merge pain.
Also having such a README would defeat the purpose of the repository in the first place: to give a view into the line-by-line history of lua as the authors created it (and see it today).