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if you are talking about readthedocs then there can be an as simple
solution as a separator for official materies and additional
knowledge... docs of php have a lotsa repetitive knowledge, i dunno
how can be that extended or how not, but a button for sending in
materies can be good, but the downside is that they should accept that
you can edit their stuffs like make complex examples easier if needed
and merge related stuffs or just for reordering or whatever... even
wiki is something that could be useful... the hard part of your task
is that lua already have an ecosystem that you have to overcome with
values. i believe this is the programmers' main task nowadays as there
are kinda much everything out there, but they can be better, so its
not a useless task at all, i hope that everyone will be happy with
your work, ive already bookmarked ur page :)

however do it as u like it, different ideas evolves things, and for
your learning it will be better to let you stay free and learn more
than overengineering small parts, but the latter makes it desirable
and useful :)