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I think it's a good concept but if we're going to do per-page descriptions, perhaps it'd be great to include examples, possible ways the functions can error, and other useful information about the functions (i.e. for the ipairs() function, give a full example of what works, what doesn't, etc.) as well as providing some pages for "concepts" like coroutines and protected function calls.

On Fri, Dec 15, 2017 at 6:46 PM Matthew Frederico <> wrote:
Lua is a fantastic language.  I've been enjoying getting to know it .. I'm still not quite on par with my lua skills as I am in PHP - however - I am endeavoring to do so.

The documentation is something that makes it difficult to manage - and learning php was easy due to how their documentation / website was set up..  

So, I created  to help me learn lua  better.   I based it on the design, so you can do and it should pull up the ipairs docs.

Right now it is using the 5.1 english manual from, but I plan to start adding the other languages as I go along.  Also, it is currently written in PHP .. don't be angry.

I would appreciate any feedback!

Warmest Regards,

-`;'- Matthew Frederico
Ryan | Charles <>
Software Developer / System Administrator