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On 01-Dec-17 17:34, Coda Highland wrote:



That's a sound you never forget. XD

The startup self-test sound of the Imagewriter II printer is also very

In the '70s at work we used Centronics dot-matrix printers, but at home I had a thermal paper Silentype for my Apple ][ and I could use it at any hour of the night. It was true to its name :-)

My Silentype listings are still readable after 40 years, while those printed on the thermal paper of the Olivetti P6060 faded to white in an year or so.

As for column width, I think I tried almost everything (in publishing you sometimes must use very very short lines) but as time passes I use ever more descriptive variable names that require more space. Recently I moved from 80 to 120 characters per line, at least when I use SciTE and a terminal side-to side on a 24" monitor. It is less practical when I load it on a notebook, though.