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2017-11-30 9:48 GMT+02:00 Paige DePol <>:
> Alexis <> wrote:
>> Paige DePol <> writes:
>>> From a code refactoring point of view, is there still a need to limit
>>> code to 80 columns?
>> Not sure about the code-refactoring POV, but even if technology allows
>> for more columns, limiting code to less than 80 columns might benefit
>> comprehensibility and speed of reading:
>> "In order for on-screen text to have both the best speed and
>> comprehension possible about 55 cpl should be used."
>> --
> ...
> What standards for code width and comments styles do you all use?
> Not for Lua, mind you, but for C or C-like languages. Of course,
> this will also depend on whether tabs or spaces are used... I do
> not want to get into a debate about spaces vs tabs, I am just
> curious about code width and comment styles is all!

I don't distinguish between languages for code width.

I use an elastic 79. I.e. it's 80, but column 80 is blank unless I am
stretching that particular line.
Reasons for stretching:
1. String constants or comments that need single-line syntax.
2. Subjective feeling that it looks better in that case.