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Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

> Cratera is meant to be a tiny patchset (currently ~60 lines) for a single
> feature: traits. This feature requires many more lines of code. Not to
> mention Cratera is not meant to be SELua. :)
Ahh, okay, I thought you were working on a larger fork, sorry for any
misunderstanding. Though, I think my point still stands in relation
to making proposals, demonstrating their viability is still a good idea!

What is "SELua"?

>> Also, in your original post you mentioned something about metatable
>> handling being changed. What reference did you have for that, changed
>> how?
> I was told on IRC that the Lua team wants lexically scoped metatables. My
> proposal describes a relatively simple mechanism for implementing them.

Why would you want a metatable to change when the scope changes?