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Soni They/Them L. <> wrote:

> I'm not providing an implementation because I know you don't accept
> patches. However, if you do this, please don't make the Lua 5.1 mistake of
> implementing this as a call-stack-sensitive standard library function - if
> we've learned anything from Lua 5.1 it's that it's unsafe and dangerous,
> and makes sandboxing rather difficult.

I don't understand why you make so many proposals, yet seem unwilling to
actually spend the time to develop an implementation... especially since
you seem to be developing your own soft fork of Lua as well!

While upstream may not accept patches directly it would probably help your
proposal to show your ideas in action, along with benchmarks to show how
performant it is. Otherwise, you are just coming up with ideas and expecting
other people to do the work to demonstrate viability.

As the Lua team has their own roadmap of Lua features, not to mention they
have other obligations at PUC-Rio, I don't imagine they spend much time
implementing and testing third-party proposals such as this. I think you may
garner more support for your ideas if you were at least able to demonstrate
your ideas with code. At the very least you would be able to add another
feature to Cratera. ;)

Also, in your original post you mentioned something about metatable handling
being changed. What reference did you have for that, changed how?