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Do not set seed for each function invocation. The math.randomseed() just initialize the random generator. Considering that os.time returns time in seconds you will get the same result for my_func invocation during one second at least.
You should initialize random generator only once.

I think it can be a reason of problem.

On 28 November 2017 at 14:09, Abhishek Ranjan <> wrote:

Hello All,

I have just started with Lua and I was building a function that generates a random string from a array of strings and returns it to the user.

On the client side I have two clients. when the enter a common room I call this function so that the string returned by the Lua function remains same for both of them.

Here is the Lua function:

local function my_func(parameter1,parameter2)
    local theSeed = os.time()

   local my_array1 ={"String1", "String2","String3","String4","String5","String5","String6","String7","String8","String9","String10"}

  local var = my_array1[math.random(table.getn(my_array1))]

  return var


But when I execute this code I am getting the common strings at both the clients most of the times, but there are instances where I am getting different strings at each client. 
So I needed an opinion from any Lua expert that is there something wrong with the above function?

Any suggestions ?

Best Regards,


With best regards,
Kupriyanov Mikhail.