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On 2017-06-06 11:11 AM, Dirk Laurie wrote:
2017-06-06 15:25 GMT+02:00 Marc Balmer <>:
Tabs are holy.  Spaces, no matter how many, are just a cheap substitute.

Any yes, any line shall never exceed 80 characters, that's the eleventh
WIth great respect to all those who are gleefully enjoying the direction
this thread is going, a quotation from the Bible [1]:

   Whitespace of whitespaces, saith the Programmer; all is whitespace.

After all, Lua is whitespace-agnostic; you can just pass your chunk
of code to quite a simple reformatter [2].

Style is much more than that.

It deals with questions such as:

- Do you explicitly code 'nil' in situations where it will be supplied
by default?
- Do you write "y=10*x" or "y=10.0*x" when you know that x is
- Do you monkeypatch globals?
- Do you use closures to encapsulate upvalues?

[1] Modern Geek Version.
[2] Any idiot can write one.[3] My first Lua program (part of my LuaTeX
primer) was just such a reformatter.
[3] Not necessarily a good one. My first Lua program can't reformat
itself (failure to take into account the "--[^\n]*\n" comment construction).

I mean I guess one could argue for line-feed indentation...

local function x(a)

local function y(b)

return a+b


return y

Just remember to use a portrait monitor. Benefits include you can still use the full 80col per line, and you have more vertical space than horizontal space in portrait mode.

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