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May 22, 2017 10:32 AM, "Etiene Dalcol" <> wrote:
> Today I learned about a project called MicroVM [1]. It's an alternative / complement of LLVM. I
> wonder if anyone heard about it before?
> Maybe it could be an interesting project to try to implement Lua on the top of this to get a new
> JIT. What do you think?

It is interesting to play with language implementation concepts, but in the current state of the (Scala) reference implementation of the VM there is little chance a Lua written on top of it would be any faster than PUC Lua, let alone LuaJIT.

I think a more interesting target would be the CLR, especially since Microsoft is going Open Source and acquired Xamarin. I know Fabio Mascarenhas and Roberto worked on something like this in 2008 (there is a paper about it behind the ACM paywall: but I have no idea if those efforts have been pursued by anyone.

Pierre Chapuis