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2017-05-24 14:35 GMT+02:00 Alex Queiroz <>:
> Have you taken a look at Chibi Scheme?

Yes I did. But it hasn't been ported to Windows yet, which is
unfortunately a platform I have to deal with at work.

> > Q: How does LAL support Scheme call/cc?
> You convert your code to CPS[1] and then the compilation of call/cc to
> Lua would be trivial given that Lua has tail call optimisation.

I have to admit that I am not too familiar with the CPS
transformation, and I feared,
that too much performance would be lost with all those lambdas being
generated by CPS.
I know there are some possible optimizations, but that would've made the
project too complex for my available time.
Another reason I didn't do that was, because I wanted to have a very
close relationship
between the LAL code and the output of the Lua code.

Introducing a CPS mode would be a nice project I might try when the time comes.

    Weird Constructor