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> From: Weird Constructor <>
> Subject: LAL - A LISP/Scheme dialect compiled to Lua
> Q: Why Scheme/LISP?
> A: I am very fond of Scheme, and I would like to be able to combine
> Scheme with the simplicity of embedding a Lua interpreter. None of the
> embeddable Scheme implementation seemed so active, stable and proven as the current
> Lua implementation.

Have you taken a look at Chibi Scheme?

> Q: How does LAL support Scheme call/cc?
> A: It doesn't. In contrast to other Scheme implementations
> based on Lua LAL does not try to support language features
> that Lua does not have. The idea is, that you can write
> some kind of Scheme with the performance implications that Lua
> imposes on you.

You convert your code to CPS[1] and then the compilation of call/cc to
Lua would be trivial given that Lua has tail call optimisation.